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Create PowerPoint Presentations that no one will forget. Our PowerPoint Backgrounds collections are created using professional photographs taken by Yukihiro (a professional photographer for over 20 years). The pictures contained within our PowerPoint Presentations are carefully selected from a collection of 25,000 slides. Each background is carefully inspected, reviewed and color corrected to ensure your PowerPoint Presentations are of the highest quality. To view our individual collections, please click on the appropriate sub menu above. The four seasons collection is a great place to begin enhancing your PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint Presentations - Four Seasons Collection

Our four seasons PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection is available now for immediate download. The entire collection consists of 120 unique images and over 500 PowerPoint slides bringing to life your PowerPoint presentations. Please click on one of the links below the main menu to view each of the different seasons.

  • Professional Designs All of our PowerPoint Backgrounds, PowerPoint Templates, and PowerPoint Slide Shows have been constructed by a professional graphic designer. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality materials for creating your own custom PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Ease of Use The PowerPoint files are easy to use, allowing you to display your PowerPoint presentations on screen quickly and easily.
  • Quality Images All backgrounds are imported into PowerPoint at 1024x768 ppi (pixels per inch) providing you with superior quality images for use in your PowerPoint presentations.
  • Gallery Click on the individual PowerPoint backgrounds in our gallery to view at 1/3 actual size.
  • PowerPoint Presentation Materials:
    • PowerPoint Backgrounds (a single base file containing all the backgrounds)
    • PowerPoint Slide Show (a creative PowerPoint Slide Show containing no words)
    • PowerPoint Inspirational Backgrounds (a PowerPoint Slide Show containing backgrounds featuring an inspirational message on each slide)
    • PowerPoint Welcome Slides (featuring a variety of "We Welcome You" slides to enhance the beginning of your PowerPoint presentations)
  • PowerPoint Tutorials We have created some graphically enhanced tutorials to assist you in creating your PowerPoint Presentations.
  • License Agreement Pease read our licensing agreement prior to purchasing our PowerPoint materials.

We have created a FREE Slide Catalog to help you locate slide files quickly and efficiently. The catalog is similar to this webpage and will work even when not connected to the internet. To download the Slide Catalog click here. The entire Catalog is 2.5mb and is compressed using WinZip.

We are currently working on a versatile, new PowerPoint Skies & Clouds Collection.
PowerPoint Presentations - Skies & Clouds

Enhance your PowerPoint presentations today by downloading one of our collections. Create PowerPoint Presentations that no one will forget. All backgrounds on this site are supplied in PowerPoint file format. Our PowerPoint Backgrounds are 1024x768, and can be used to create custom PowerPoint Presentations. An individual PowerPoint Background can be inserted into a PowerPoint Presentation to create a customized, professional presentation. Our PowerPoint Slide Shows can be customized to match your presentation timing requirements. Using the Welcome PowerPoint Templates will enable you to greet your audience professionally. The inspirational PowerPoint Slides are perfect prior to, or following, a meeting. They also work well during break time.

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